My Art is Sweet

tin of lemon candies

My Art is sweet!

I’m proud to share my latest illustration for the meyer lemon & raspberry flavor of Torie & Howard Hard Candy.

  I was contacted by the talented team at Silver Creative Group to do this food product illustration to fit within the style of an existing product line for Torie & Howard Organic hard candy. I started the illustration in pencil and watercolor. I painted the lemon with leaf, the wedge piece, raspberry, and ladybug and flower separately. I scanned each image and brought them into photoshop, where I composited them together and completed the modeling in a watercolor style. The watercolor filter on photoshop does not work for this despite the name. Knowing the finer points of watercolor painting is the only way I have found to complete a digital painting in a watercolor style. There was some back and forth from the agency over placement and the type of lemon used. Myers lemons and plain old grocery store lemons look different. Meyer lemons have a thinner rind and a finer flavor that make a delicious lemonade. Fortunately my small local grocery store carries Meyer lemons. The client approved the image and the agency designed these very nice tins. Overall, it was a fun project. Plus I had lots of lemons and raspberries left over for lemonade.