Current events and ideas

Illustrations covering topics such as the pharmaceutical industry, lead contamination in water, smart phones as a tool of protest 

illustration of a woman doctor giving a man a pill
Glass of water with a skull in it

Seasonal vectors

Thoughts on the housing crisis

house on paperwork stilts
house on paperwork stilts
house on paperwork stilts
painting of a house in a bottle


Created for the Watershed Gallery. These posters depict scenes in Ridgefield Connecicut.

Lounsberry House painting
drawing of a field with cows

Illustrations for Franklin – a boy who fixes toys

Written by Matt Honeycutt

Franklin fixes toys
boys watching girl walk out of door holding a toys space ship

Winter designs

pencil and vector drawings of cute animals.

Drawing of cute deer with christmas lights on antlers
cute white puppy in hat and scarf
chipmunk in sweater gathering acorns

Octopus Wrangler

undersea person helping an octopus and fish

Windy World

Video game concept art

windy desert concept art

Blog Posts