Website Design


Showcase what makes this familiar product new and unique.


Responsive website

Set up CMS 

Choose a robust Content Management System to help the company manage sales and inventory.


Organize Search Engine Optimization so the website first in search engine rankings.

Design Consistency

Choose a design pattern and colors to create brand consistency that helps it stand out from the competition.

  • Art direction
  • Construction of WordPress web site powered by WooCommerce
  • Creation of digital media
  • Photo manipulation
  • Marketing outreach using Mailchimp
  • Package design
Beltaway Website Screenshots by UX/UI Designer Priscilla Prentice

Reaching Customers

Marketing emails and social media

Placing customers first with marketing using tools that provide insight into who the audience is and how to better reach them.

Mailchimp Logo
marketing screenshots for Beltaway email marketing by designer Priscilla Prentice

Beltaway Kids

Beltaway kids logo by Graphic Designer Priscilla Prentice
Betlaway kids screen shot on mobile device by UX/UI Designer Priscilla Prentice
Beltaway kids web site screen shots

UX/UI Design

Graphic Design