MoonBeam Homes Real estate website design by Priscilla Prentice

Project Description

This project is a web design for a real estate agent who works with residential homeowners and contractors. In addition to real estate services, she offers sustainable organic landscape design for homeowners and commercial builders. The client seeks a way to stand out from a crowded field with a unique combination of
real estate and organic landscape services with a customized website, and videos for use on social media.

Layout of real estate website

Final Result

This clean, thoughtful design helps her stand out in a very crowded field of real estate with a unique offering that included organic landscape design. The site features user-friendly navigation, SEO, and beautiful imagery. It is easy to maintain using WordPress. Videos appear on the website and social media that share the imagery and style of the website, further strengthening the agent’s brand.

Social Media

Social media videos for real estate website