Grace & Grit
Catering Website

  • UX/UI Design
  • SEO
  • Squarespace Website
  • Creative Direction

Grace & Grit was looking to combine two existing sites into one improved website on Squarespace. I started with a site assessment and then worked with a developer to migrate the site over and ensure that the old domain redirected to the updated website.

Grace & Grit wanted to stand out in searches online for catering services in Long Island. I determined what area specifically we would target. I researched keywords that would appeal to their target market and crafted on page SEO with headings and labeled images. The headings are clear and pleasant to read. The pages answer the questions that their customers seek answers to. This clear approach to SEO takes advantage of searches involving location and what would best appeal to their customers.

The images are a combination of those provided by the client and carefully curated purchased imagery that stays true to the brand and reflects their values and the quality and attention to detail that customers rely on to make their event special.

Mockups for a catering business