• UX/UI Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Trade Show videos
  • Radio Advertising
  • Social Media
User interface design for iphones by Priscilla Prentice

Website expansion

TaxCloud asked me to help their team develop new templates and content for the existing Concrete5 CMS (Content Management System).


We added a blog as a place to share company press releases and articles to help customers.

Support Documentation

We redesigned the support documentation library and migrated all documents into the CMS.

Vendor Pages

We created new vendor pages showing new collaborations in a way that stays true to both TaxCloud and the partnering brands.

Company Information

I organized photo shoot for company employees from the East Coast to the West Coast using professional photographers. I touched up the photos so everyone looked great! I also gathered the necessary biographical information to fill in our newly designed company page.

TaxCloud website UX/UI Design by Priscilla Prentice
TaxCloud portfolio images of website design by UX/UI Designer Priscilla Prentice

UX/UI Design of product.

Improvements to the Dashboard and other pages adhering to Google Material principles.

Screenshots of TaxCloud dashboard by UX/UI Designer Priscilla Prentice

Trade Show Videos

TaxCloud needed videos for trade shows that were true to the TaxCloud brand and shared the message of the company with the customers. I worked in After Effects to complete the project.

Tasks: Art direction – Script writing – Work with voice talent – Create and edit video using After Effects.

Coordinated marketing material were also required. I created fliers, trade booth signage, and social media to coincide with events.

Radio advertising – I assisted the team with creation of script for Sirius XM radio advertising.

Sirius XM logo

Social Media

I created social media messages, advertising banners, and content for the blog to help TaxCloud reach out to costumers. Sales tax can be a complex subject. We decided a bright and positive style was best for social media. Each post was carefully tailored to reach a specific audience.

TaxCloud social media images created by UX/UI Designer Priscilla Prentice


As Director of Strategy and Investor Relations at TaxCloud, I worked closely with Priscilla in her capacity as Director of UX/UI Design. Her mandate was to simplify the design of the user interface and experience so that online retailers could understand and file their own state sales tax with ease and confidence. Priscilla managed the company’s creative direction and planning to deliver a consistent and strategic vision for all marketing materials. In addition, Priscilla spearheaded a team designing and testing a critical in-house mail management system, streamlining the handling of over 5,000 inbound documents per month.

While she excels in her skill and knowledge sets, it is her ability to simplify challenging and complex concepts to transform them into an accessible and enjoyable experience for end users that really sets Priscilla apart.

Her principles and ethics are consummate. When working with others, she listens to and reflects the guidance and requirements of an assignment without hesitating to proffer her own ideas and expertise to achieve the ultimate goals of good design, be it marketing, information, instruction, education, customer facility, &c. I’ve had the opportunity to observe other design projects she has worked on free-lance. They demonstrate an impressive breadth and variety of domains and styles adapted to each customer and assignment.

We are often friendly with the people we work with, but it doesn’t always transcend to friendship after the work relationship ceases. In Priscilla’s case, our fondness and mutual appreciation has only continued to grow after TaxCloud. I will be delighted to work with her again some day.

Susan Leigh Babcock – Director of Business Strategy and Investor Relations