Nuthatch Naturals

Brand identity for an all natural skin care company

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  • Package Design
  • Illustration
Nuthatch Naturals skin cream box and bottle with a sunflower product shot

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How one company launched their new product, brand, and logo with the help of a designer

Nuthatch Naturals contacted Priscilla Prentice Design and Illustration to help create the branding for the new company and the product, a 100% Natural skin care cream for children. I designed the logo, packaging, illustrations, and provided UX/UI guidance for their website.

In this article, I explain the process I follow as a designer to get the help a startup company discover their brand identity and design their logo and packaging.

Ask questions and listen carefully

Always start by getting to know the client. My clients talk to me about their background, the company values, and what makes their product different…

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Read About the Process