Sunset Farm

App design for an event venue. 
Google UX Design Professional Certificate Coursera

UX UI mobile layout for portfolio of Priscilla Prentice

Project Overview

The product:

Design of an app for an event venue to help people planning weddings, family reunions, and other large celebrations.

Project duration:

The design of this project took four months from late 2021 to early 2022

The problem:

Users researching and trying to book a venue for an event, such as a wedding or family reunion found the process difficult with the existing apps. Often they lack the photos or adequate descriptions and provide little to no pricing information.

The goal:

This app design aims to help users research and begin the booking process for an event venue. This will help users planning large gatherings such as weddings and parties, by allowing them to research a venue and select a booking date without visiting the location in person. Effectiveness will be measured by tracking the number of booking submissions received.

mobile phone website design for event venue by Priscilla Prentice