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Album Cover


Cover illustration and design for musician Garth McGowan’s “Try Harder” Album

Garth McGowan wanted a design that conveyed the indie sound of his music. The images, icons and design reference topics of the songs. I focused on ideas of isolation, travel, and vintage country music with a contemporary edge.

The illustrations were created using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The work was prepared for Spotify online music streaming and a printed CD jewel case.

  • Capture indie country/ New York vibe in a visual style
  • Convey the themes of many songs using simple iconography
  • Create and submitted art for Spotify music service
  • Designed CD jewel case for printing
  • Creation of files for social media assets
Album Cover "Try Harder" by Priscilla Prentice for Musician Garth McGowan
Album Cover “Try Harder” by Priscilla Prentice for Musician Garth McGowan


Album Cover "Tree" by Priscilla Prentice for Musician Garth McGowan
Album Cover “Tree” by Priscilla Prentice for Musician Garth McGowan
Garth McGowan CD Mockup
Garth McGowan CD Mockup


When You Just Have To Roar!

Art from my children’s book for preschool age children.

These vibrant illustrations offer a reassuring explanation of both expectations in general, the behaviors expected of students in school, and the fun chaos that ensues when kids run amok.

I have included character designs and final art. I sketched my characters in pencil and used Photoshop for the layout and coloring of each illustration.


A Teacher's Promise

Written by Rachel Roberston ♦ Illustrated by Priscilla Prentice ♦ Art Direction Jim Handrigan ♦ Published by Redleaf Press

In every classroom, there is a person who cares about the way children learn, grow, and feel—you, the teacher! The affirming verses and fanciful illustrations in A Teacher’s Promise express what all teachers wish for the children they teach—that they develop self-confidence, perseverance, curiosity, and an enjoyment of learning. A Teacher’s Promise can help ease fears children might have about joining a new classroom or child care setting. The book can help reassure children about the ways adults will guide and teach them, help them when they make mistakes, lead them to discover and imagine, and help them make friends.

Age focus: 3-6. Hardcover, 32 pgs.



Illustrations for the project about Franklin, a boy who fixes toys.


Birds Of The Breakers

Art from the book the “Coconut Crew” written by Mort Walker, renowned cartoonist and creator of Beetle Bailey, for the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach Florida. Three parrots: Louie, Loco, and Lulu, live at the hotel in sunny Palm Beach Florida. They enjoy the activities the hotel has to offer and tell the history of how parrots arrived in this beautiful location. This book was commissioned by the Breakers Hotel for it’s younger guests.


Happy Cute

Illustrations for children’s t-shirts and greeting cards.


Digital Illustration

Digital illustration for NACSP presentation materials

Digital Illustration of dome for presentation with text


Digital illustration of rugs for a textile designer. Flat designs of the rugs were provided, as well as the desired background. I placed the rugs in photoshop, made them look like textiles, and created a mood for the entire image.





Posters for the Watershed Gallery

Product Illustration

Lemon illustration on product packaging

Agency: Silver Creative Group

Client: Torie & Howard Candy


On House and Home

A collection of paintings on the theme of house and home



Watermixable Oil Paintings

Paintings of the grist mill also known as the toy factory located in Weston, CT. This tiny riverside structure always fascinated me. As a child I heard it called the toy factory. To my young eyes it looked like the perfect place to live. My researched revealed it to be a restored grist mill used by the local farmers to mill their grain.

In the painting of Griffin I try to capture the simple pleasure of a child sipping a shake using the repetition of colorful bottles and a seriousness of a child enjoying a delicious treat.

Amphitrite is a greek sea-goddess married to Poseidon. Here she is shown taking a nap.