Website Design and Social Media for a Community and Arts Center website image_ layout by Priscilla prentice

Inspiring social media and website design unites a community around a new and exciting vision

A photo of the, a white curch with red welcoming doors on a snowy new england day

Deborah Rundlett is leading the process of creating a commons for the arts, farm & food, and wellness.  It will serve as a place for people of all ages who are committed to the land, creative expression, and sustainability. This place is 

A Commons for the Arts, Farm & Food, and Wellness

The Meetinghouse is located in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The core of the property is the historic Ridgebury Congregational Church. The Meetinghouse has stood at the crossroads of Ridgebury Road and George Washington Highway in Ridgefield since 1851.

Generating More Website Traffic website layout

Deborah approached Priscilla Prentice Design and Illustration to get the word out about the The job at hand was to organize the existing website design and launch social media for the The organization had completed much of the groundwork. They had a vision, roadmap, branding plan, a logo. was the domain and they had built a basic website. But they needed help getting the word out to the world.

Start With A Website Analysis

Our first priority was to review the website from a technical point of view and set up social media accounts. While the website looked good on the surface, it was lacking the information architecture and SEO that would make it discoverable by users through search engines. It was not accessible for users of screen readers which limits the audience. We needed to fix that!

Good Information Architecture and Site Map

I started by planing the information architecture for the website. Then I went to work on the rebuilding of the site. If the theme your client already has is not working, switch to a better-suited theme such as Astra and the Elementor builder. A well-designed WordPress theme and builder will save time and effort in the process of creating or updating a website.

A well-designed WordPress theme and builder will save time and effort in the process of creating or updating a website.

Content Creation for Social Media

Starting a new project means setting up brand new social media accounts. We decided to start with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I signed us up for the Facebook Business Suite so I could post content easily on FB and Instagram from one location.

Plan A Social Media Calendar

Creating a social media schedule is very important. I laid out a plan for regular event posts highlighting upcoming art events and classes. I also created a steady flow of informational posts that served to introduce the to the world. The first hashtags were hyper-local to create awareness in the immediate neighborhood.


Single Posts and Social Media Videos

Some posts are single-stand-alone images. Other posts are videos that take longer to make, but attract more attention if they are done well. I try to make the video posts evergreen so we can use them in multiple locations and reuse them throughout the year.

Choose The Color Pallete And Stick To It (with exceptions)

Stick with the brand colors for most of the message but add seasonal touches when necessary.

Speak With A Consistent Brand Voice

I stayed true to the voice described in the branding template. The voice of the brand is hopeful and uplifting. Images, music and text should be in the brand voice. When we had events to promote, like art shows, I took photos of the art and created short videos to showcase on social media.

Build A Following

Steadily we have been building a following and getting the word out.

Follow to see what exciting things are in store for the next year! poetry workshop social post with northen lights background