TaxCloud Explainer Video

What is TaxCloud screenshot for video showing company logo and a simple store front

This animated video explains what the TaxCloud service offers online sellers.

There are several elements I use in this short video to help quickly get the message across to the viewer.

The message:

  • This sales tax service is simple and easy to use for brick and mortar stores so they can sell online and take care of their customers.

Brand Colors

  • The brand colors are blue and orange. In this video I use mostly blue, with orange for sales tax related information and to represent the merchant.


  • Use of simple animations to show complex ideas.
  • Iconic, easy to understand shapes to enforce the idea of simplicity. 

Voice Acting

  • The voice actor worked on other projects for the company. The use of the same voice actor reinforces the brand.


  • The music evokes technology in a positive way.

Video length

  • The short duration of the video was carefully thought out for use on social media. Anything longer would not make sense for the audience.

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