Teacher’s Promise – A new children’s book

cover image for Teacher's Promise children's book illustration by Priscilla Prentice

I looked outside on this beautiful end of summer day to see the UPS truck rattling down the driveway. My new book arrived! I am very happy to hold in my hands the latest book I illustrated for Redleaf Lane publishing.

Teacher’s Promise is written by Rachel Robertson. Rachel also wrote the adorable children’s book, When You Just Have To Roar!  (you can read my blog post about that book) We had a great time illustrating the magical adventures the teacher and her students share. This isn’t your ordinary classroom!

A Teacher’s Promise

Wishes become adventure

In every classroom, there is a person who cares about the way children learn, grow, and feel—you, the teacher! The affirming verses and fanciful illustrations in A Teacher’s Promise express what all teachers wish for the children they teach—that they develop self-confidence, perseverance, curiosity, and an enjoyment of learning. A Teacher’s Promise can help ease fears children might have about joining a new classroom or child care setting. The book can help reassure children about the ways adults will guide and teach them, help them when they make mistakes, lead them to discover and imagine, and help them make friends.

Age focus: 3-6. Hardcover, 32 pgs.

They have a great time learning, playing and using their imagination.

drawing of children climbing a tree from children's book, A teacher's Promise - illustration by Priscilla Prentice
illustration of kids floating in air holding balloons for A Teacher's Promise children's book - illustration by Priscilla Prentice
cover image for Teacher's Promise children's book - illustrations by Priscilla Prentice

Teacher’s Promise is available through RedLeaf Press

or Amazon.

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