Helping a catering business prosper during times of Covid

GraceandGrit website layout by Priscilla prentice

Helping a catering business prosper during times of Covid

Grace and Grit came to PMP design and Illustration for help improve their existing catering website.

The first step with any new client is to listen to their needs. After all, they know their business and customers better than anyone!

They had an existing ordering system which was working ok, but had some glitches. We worked those out on the backend. As with any website that has up for some time, it needed some cleaning up. This is what we did to help:

A Clear Message and Call To Action

Clarify the message to the customer and include a clear call to action.

Improved SEO

Focus on the location. For a catering business to appear in search results for a specific region, you will want to target that region with improvements to your SEO. We made sure to include the areas they serve in the SEO without keyword stuffing.

Clear User Experience

We want the user to get an idea of what sets this Grace and Grit apart from the competition and the services they offer as quickly as possible. Laying out a map for an improved user experience is very important.

Good Images

We looked through their image gallery and chose the best examples of their work product. We made sure the photos looked great with Photoshop touchup and editing. Then we added clear and accurate descriptions for the search engines.

Beautiful and Simple Layout

We updated the layout, making sure there was enough space to let the words and imagery shine.

Social Media

We included clear connection to the social media accounts which are updated by the restaurant staff regularly. We also created a video that was consistent with the restaurant brand and message for use on the website and social media.



GraceandGrit website layout by Priscilla prentice