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How one company launched their new product, brand, and logo with the help of a designer

Nuthatch Naturals contacted Priscilla Prentice Design and Illustration to help create the branding for the new company and the product, a 100% Natural skin care cream for children. I designed the logo, packaging, illustrations, and provided UX/UI guidance for their website.

In this article, I explain the process I follow as a designer to get the help a startup company discover their brand identity and design their logo and packaging.

Ask questions and listen carefully

Always start by getting to know the client. My clients talk to me about their background, the company values, and what makes their product different from others in the market. Learn what problem they are trying to solve for the customers. Asking open-ended questions helps me to determine the values they most associate with their brand. I also learn which other brands they like or things they want to avoid. This question-and-answer process also helps the client become comfortable working with a designer. Finally, I explain what the process of working with a designer looks like so they know what to expect along the way.

Explain the design process so your client knows what to expect along the way

Nuthatch Naturals wanted to create a logo design for a truly natural skin care product for children that is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and doesn’t have any fragrances or questionable ingredients. It was important to have a package that was easy for children to hold and use. The logo needed to be friendly, but not specifically for infants. The product can be used on infants, but the gap in the market they wanted to fill was for older children. This logo perfectly captures the values of the company.

Logo design – Narrow down the choices

Nuthatch Naturals had a vague idea of what they were looking for in a logo. I provided rough sketches of several different designs to help choose a direction. These designs were not polished, but sketches. Once the general direction of the design and colors chosen, I moved onto the final design. I was very pleased that this client was looking for something new and different.

Nuthatch Naturals logo brand design sketches ©2021 Priscilla Prentice
Nuthatch Naturals Logo brand design with bird and wordmark tm

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Package design – It is about the details

With the logo and colors finalized it was time to move onto package design. I created several rough designs to choose from. These sketches helped establish colors and requirements for the package. Mockups of the product helped the team at Nuthatch Naturals visualize the final product. The final package design was sent off to production.

UX/UI design – Ensure the website maintains brand identity

In addition to the logo and brand design, I was asked to assist with the website layout. I created a wireframe for the website designer. I created a site map and gathered content from the client. In areas where the content was not yet available, I used placeholder images and text. I also included suggestions for content, taking SEO into consideration.

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Illustration – Make your website unique and stand out from the crowd

I provided illustrations and custom icons to give the site a unique feel. Illustrations are available from stock art websites, but they are generic and do not match the brand identity. Custom illustrations worked better for our project.

Choose custom illustrations when stock art is too generic for your project. This will strengthen your brand and help you stand out from the crowd.

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Product photography – Make sure the product looks great!

In this case I was able to do the product photography. I kept the set up simple and the lighting crisp and clean. I provided correctly sized images for the web developer to use on the homepage and in the online store.

Express gratitude

It is always an honor to be chosen to work on a client’s project. Especially when they are realizing a dream of launching a new business. Thank you Nuthatch Naturals. This was an incredibly rewarding project.

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