Social media videos for auctions

I created these social media videos to promote an auction being held by Heritage Auctions the [...]

Create a Unique Logo for Your Brand

Hire a designer to help your brand. Learn the steps of working with a professional [...]

Covid Strip Mall Gif

I tried to capture what I observed of the year 2020 and 2021 in a [...]

Creating Album Cover Art For Spotify

The process of working with a freelance illustrator and graphic designer to help a musician [...]

Teacher’s Promise – A new children’s book

I looked outside on this beautiful end of summer day to see the UPS truck [...]

Mouth Watering Art – food illustration

Illustration-Food-Lemons-Raspberry   Torie & Howard Candy has just released a new line of gummy candies. [...]

Street Art for Kids

Teaching our kids to be subversive street artists… just kidding  From time to time I [...]

Video – Drawing Sammi

When You Just Have To Roar! A Short Video My publisher, Redleaf Lane, asked me [...]

When You Just Have To Roar!

My new book looks great! I am so happy to announce that Rachel Robertson and [...]