Mouth Watering Art – food illustration

lemon and raspberry illustration for Torie and Howard Candy by Illustrator Priscilla Prentice



Torie & Howard Candy has just released a new line of gummy candies. My food illustration of lemons and raspberries draws you in to taste the flavors.


In a prior post I blogged about working on a food illustration with the agency Silver Creative Group for their client, Torie & Howard Candy. You can read that post, My Art is Sweet.

Torie & Howard recently released their new chewie fruities and the package looks great! I will need to hide these chewie fruities from my family. The hard candies we had went in a day. I think I had the chance to eat one, maybe two. The rest of the family snuck in and gobbled them all up.

I can’t wait to taste them. I love food illustration. I especially love illustrating fruit. As I recall my studio smelled great during that project. I had enough lemons for some lemonade. I picked out the prettiest raspberries to pose for me. My son and I ate the rest.

Maybe my local candy store will carry these yummy gummies. My family satisfies our sweet tooth at Deborah Ann’s Sweet Shoppe. If you are in Ridgefield, CT you have to try them out. They sell candy, gifts, and the delicious ice cream.

Here is the original food illustration and the art on the web site. The group at Silver Creative Group did an outstanding job on web site and package design.

Time to eat some candy!