When You Just Have To Roar!

little boy roaring from cover of children's book, When You Just Have to Roar! - Illustration by Priscilla Prentice

My new book looks great! I am so happy to announce that Rachel Robertson and I received a wonderful review from Kirkus.

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Not the exploration of emotions the title might indicate but instead a look at classroom expectations for those just starting school. “It was just one of those days in Ms. Mya’s classroom.” Those who work with young children may smile at the mischief these kids get up to—from jumping on a chair and playing catch with a stuffie to running and drumming, these kids are loud and boisterous. But luckily, Ms. Mya has her “I need your attention right now” and her “I’m making an important announcement” voices to help her get the students’ attention and explain what her expectations are. Together, the class makes a list of positively stated expectations that they will all follow, and at the end of the day, Ms. Mya, in her “I have something special to tell you” voice, presents a list of expectations for herself. A note to adult readers in the backmatter explains that children cannot know they are misbehaving if they do not know what is expected of them. Prentice’s brightly colored illustrations capture the exuberance and innocence of these ethnically diverse children wonderfully—they are not being naughty; they are just exploring and being kids, and once the expectations are explained, they abide by them. A reassuring explanation of both expectations in general and the behaviors expected of students in school. (Picture book. 3-6)