Street Art for Kids

kids art project

Teaching our kids to be subversive street artists…

just kidding

 From time to time I go into school and do a presentation on art followed by a hands on activity. Our school art program is great. This program adds a little more to it. My partner in crime, Jacqui, and I decided to do cover urban art. We visited a fourth grade class. We had a little under an hour for the talk about the artists, create the art project, and review the work. The kids had a great time and really enjoyed getting out of the classroom and being a bit silly. We focused on artists who bring attention to our everyday surroundings by adorning the architecture and objects of the city with interesting designs or funny faces. I have included some photos to show the project. (In the interest of privacy I have left most of the children out of the shots)

The kids loved the project. I made eyes, hair, bows, ties, and other props. The kids used tape to temporarily attach the items to the walls. We explained that street art can change a person’s perspective of their surrounding environment. Street art is a way for people who would not be offered a place in a gallery or museum to express themselves and their idea. It is also a way to bring art to the public who might not have a chance to visit a museum. We also pointed out that street art is usually very temporary and may be changed or removed by other people. We also explained that we need permission to do this type of art. Creating art on public or private property without permission can get you in big trouble. The experience of making the art and watching the surprised expressions of the viewers is half of the fun. At the close of the lesson the kids shared how they felt about making this art. They LOVED it! It was fun and different and made the hallway they see every day a new place for adventure.

These are the examples I showed the kids. I found these examples on one of my favorite sites for art – Colossal.

Here are the supplies and what they made with them.

If you are interested in this project these are some supplies I would suggest:

  • Poster paper to draw large eyes and smiling faces, moustaches, eyebrows. Some small googly eyes (these are fun but not necessary. They are almost too small to use and the pupils always look at the ground. (That limits the expressions the kids can create)
  • Markers for the drawing of the eyes
  • Scissors
  • Yarn for hair
  • Cardboard strips (to glue the hair onto)
  • Hot glue gun (to attach the hair to the cardboard)

Prep took an hour or two.

Have fun and make art!!!!