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When we need custom drawn art, Priscilla is our go-to illustrator. The fruit she drew for Torie & Howard Organic Candies made the packaging and marketing materials complete. Priscilla took our vision and made it reality. The fruit is bright and inviting and looks so natural at the same time. Our Brazilian beverage client, Drink Zavu, originally wanted photography, but the fruits were so hard to find locally. Through references online, Priscilla elevated the brand with attractive drawings of cupuacu, acerola and caju fruits. Impressive. Priscilla is wonderful to work with. She presents comprehensive sketches that translate spot-on to the final art. She brings her own flair and style to each composition.

Donna Bonato - Creative Director at Silver Creative Group

I worked with Priscilla at Adrenium Games. She was originally hired as an environment artist where she did terrific work on our Xbox launch title. More amazingly was later when we were doing prototype work for our Samurai Jack game: she modeled, rigged and animated some tests of Jack which we showed to Cartoon Network to secure the deal. She is a multi-faceted artist and I would be happy to work with her again.

Stephen Clarke-Willson - Programmer, Producer, Executive

I had the pleasure of working with Priscilla on two children's picture books published by Redleaf Lane, an imprint of Redleaf Press. Priscilla is not only a gifted illustrator who worked with me on Redleaf Lane's best selling picture book, she stuck with us as we completely rewrote the illustration story three or four times! She showed tenacity, determination, and a huge amount of patience with us and I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks, Priscilla!

Jim Handrigan - Freelance Art Director

If you've read either of my children's books, or even simply viewed the covers, then you can see for yourself just how talented Priscilla is. She is a master at making a story come to life with illustrations equally appealing to adults and children. I was fortunate to work with her and would recommend her to other authors/publishers.

Rachel Robertson - Vice President, Education & Development at Bright Horizons

Although it was some time ago, the iconography Priscilla designed for Green Map System is still in use on hundreds of maps made locally around the world. Her dedication and thoughtful creativity were evident in all aspects of her work, even then, and today, she has a remarkable portfolio of completed projects. I highly recommend working with this talented individual.

Wendy Brawer - Eco designer and founder of Green Map System

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