How Storytelling Can Help Your User Experience

Studying illustration taught me to tell a story in a visual way.

I approach design as a story to be told. 

Your user is a character in that story.

The application is the journey.

I help guide them through the journey so they can complete their mission and have a great user experience along the way.

UX/UI Design

User Experience (UX) Design is a complex blend of marketing, design, and project management to create an end product that smooths all aspects of a customer’s digital interaction with a company.

A good UX design is frictionless, intuitive, productive, and obvious. You won’t even know it’s there because everything just works.

User Interface (UI) Design is what they see. All the visual aspects must be designed to complement their functions and uses: buttons, icons, spacing, typography, color schemes, and responsive design.

A UI designer makes sure every single visual element feels united, reflects the brand, and serves its purpose. It doesn’t only look good; it feels good, too.

About Me

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts), and a veteran UX/UI designer, I continue to expand on the multi-disciplinary projects that come my way across a diverse range of assignments.

My design process is iterative and transparent to achieve consensus while enforcing consistent design principles and methodologies.

UXUI Design Process Graphic


What issue are we trying to solve for the user? Who benefits from this new design? What are their needs and goals?


User interviews disclose problems and surface desires. What would make their lives easier?


Using gleaned information, I create user personas and journey maps to deepen the understanding of a typical user and their needs as they navigate the product.


The wireframe is the building block for the new design. It’s an interactive process that starts out with sketches and becomes fleshed out as the design progresses.


Upon providing the elements necessary for the design team to build the project, we test the design along the way to make sure it is optimized before final launch.


Lastly, a project review reveals what worked and what could be improved upon in the future.


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